Yoni Steam (Vaginal Steam / V-Steam)

Yoni Steaming is a centuries-old technique, used by midwives and healers, that has gained popularity in various holistic practices across the United States. Different countries and cultures, such as African, Mayan, Greek, Native American, Cook Islands, Filipino, Japanese, and many other Asian countries have described the practice as a routine ritual to honor and connect with their feminine energy. Yoni Steams can be utilized to restore balance and clear away stagnation.

In Chinese medicine, for example, all of the organs have emotional and energetic qualities. Likewise, Yoni steaming allows women to reconnect with their bodies in a positive loving way which helps to clear blocked energy as it also helps with Yoni (Vaginal) wellness. There is a wisdom worth exploring in practices that have been passed down from women for centuries. We at Cultivate A Better U have developed a way for women to experience a positive and relaxing way to nurture and connect with themselves and their womb. This takes place in our private and tranquil setting.   

The Yoni Steam provides non invasive experience for purification and release. Steaming helps women to purify their core and release energy and emotions they no longer wish to hold in their wombs. It allows women to forgive themselves and others for unpleasant incidents that have occurred over their lifetimes. Steam treatments allow the womb to clear out old residue.  In addition to the physical cleansing and release during the steam, many women may also release deeply held feelings resulting in healing from psychological trauma and buried emotions.

Many women experience challenges in one form or another – from mild to severe menstrual cramps and irregular periods, to pain during intercourse. Often, women accept these challenges as normal, and rarely talk about the discomfort and suffering. Yet there exists a simple organic herbal option that a growing number of women are calling upon to naturally help ease these challenges and to heal themselves.

It is believed, that you are likely to see benefits from this ancient remedy if you suffer from irregular or painful periods, uterine fibroids, perineal tears, bladder and yeast infections, vaginal or ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids or scarring from C-sections, hysterectomies and laparoscopies, although not proven through scientific research. Yoni steaming is also beneficial for women who aren’t experiencing any particular issues, and would like to experience a high form of Self Care while reconnecting with their womb, as it is a soothing way to relax and pamper yourself.

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The Always CABU Yoni Gathering

Although similar to a passion party, while passion parties work on stimulating your yoni; the Always CABU Yoni Gathering works towards healing your yoni alongside your sisters. With CABU, we focus on the womb, reproductive health and awareness. It’s a party where women come together and learn about natural remedies, products and feminine care. Additionally, we’ve included an introduction to a Red Tent circle — a community of women (young and seasoned) who come together to share the understanding and knowledge of what it is to be part of the divine feminine. All CABU Yoni Gatherings have products for purchase, with a complimentary Yoni Steam for the host, where groups of 4 or more are present. #AlwaysCABU.

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