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Our Womb Wellness services are for any woman, at any stage. These services provide women with sustaining health practices and products. Read further to learn about our Vaginal Steam / Yoni Steam service and more.

Vaginal Steam or “Yoni” Steam

Vaginal Steaming is a centuries-old technique that has gained popularity in various holistic practices across the United States. Commonly known in Central and South America as bajos (pronounced “ba-hoes”) and in Korea as chai-yok; the vaginal steam, in simple terms, is a detoxing “facial” for your lady parts. It cleanses, tones, and nourishes your cervix, uterus, and vaginal tissues, boosting circulation to the pelvis. Vaginal steaming is helpful for the following:

  • ● Uterine fibroids
  • ● Scarring from C-sections
  • ● Hysterectomies | laparoscopies
  • ● Bladder infections
  • ● Hemorrhoids
  • ● Menopause
  • ● Infertility
  • ● Irregular and painful periods

The Always CABU

Vagina Party

Although similar to a passion party, while passion parties work on stimulating your yoni; the Always CABU Vagina Party works towards healing your yoni. With CABU, we focus on the womb, reproductive health and awareness. It’s a party where women come together and learn about natural remedies, products and feminine care. Additionally, we’ve included an introduction to a Red Tent circle — a community of women (young and seasoned) who come together to share the understanding and knowledge of what it is to be a woman. All CABU parties have products for purchase, with a complimentary vaginal steam for the host. #AlwaysCABU.


To maintain the general wellness of your womb, we offer the following products: