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Benefits of a Doula

Doulas, derive from the Greek word meaning “a female helper” or “woman who serves”, are trained and experienced birth attendants, who provide expectant mothers emotional, physical, and educational support before and during labor, in addition to delivery, and support during her postpartum period.


A doula is not a medically trained professional, and should not be hired to replace the role of a nurse, midwife, and/or doctor. A doula is trained in more holistic techniques, that may offer support to an expectant mother experiencing discomfort or pain, such as aromatherapy, breathing techniques, positioning, etc.

There are documented studies that show the benefits of having a doula attend to an expectant mother. Some of the benefits include:

  • ● Shorter labors
  • ● Fewer complications and/or interventions
  • ● Better birthing experience
  • ● Continuous care
  • ● Lower Stress levels
  • ● Has a knowledgeable advocate
  • ● Teaches partner how to be part of the process


A doula is of tremendous assistance when used postpartum. A mom’s postpartum begins after delivery and ends around 6-8 weeks. This period also involves the mother progressing through many changes, both emotionally and physically, while learning how to deal with all the changes and adjustments required with becoming a new mother.

Important factors to a mother’s postpartum recovery

Rest – In the first few weeks, a mother needs to be relieved of all responsibilities other than feeding the baby and taking care of herself.

Nutrition – After delivery, all mothers need continued nutrition so that they can be healthy and active and able to care for their baby. Whether breast or formula feeding, all mothers need to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Doulas can be very instrumental in this process. Although many parents do fine on their own, having someone assisting with the household responsibilities usually makes the adjustment to a new baby easier, allowing the focus to be on the needs of mother and baby, rather than the strain of household chores.  To learn more about our Doula services, click here.