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Pre/Post Natal Doula Care

Soon-to-be and current moms have the sacred duty of conceiving, carrying, birthing and raising children. It is important that they receive all the support and care they can get. CABU offers a range of services for Pre- and Post-natal Doula care.

We will also provide support in finding out if your insurance provider reimburses for doula care. Inquire here!

Placenta Services

CABU provides placenta services for new mothers. These services include:

  • ● Placenta Encapsulation
  • ● Placenta Essence
  • ● Placenta Salve

The benefits to the services are using the natural nutrients from your body during the pregnancy stage to heal and preserve womb during recovery and after. Check out CABU’s interview on TELEMUNDO with Linda Candelo as we go through the Placenta Encapsulation process!

What You Should Know

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the placenta is considered a powerful and sacred medicine – a “life force” organ. It is believed that should it be consumed to support a healing mother after birth. The placenta is composed of beneficial hormones, chemicals, iron, and proteins, and is revered for its symbolism of life, spirit and individuality.

Placenta encapsulation is the process of transitioning the placenta into capsule form. Benefits of this method of preserving include: balancing your system, replenishing depleted iron, increased energy, lessens postpartum bleeding, increased milk production, and regulates hormones. Placenta encapsulation is done using the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Method and can produce a varied 100-200 capsules. The turnaround time is 2-4 days. Pick up and drop off is available. For a consultation, click here.

The essence of your placenta holds a tremendous power to heal you and your child. An essence heals on an energetic or vibrational level, stimulating our vital force. It can be use during times of transition, illness, stress, emotional upheaval or hormonal imbalance. It is important that this process is completed when the placenta is strong and very new. Taken in water a few drops at a time, this essence is a perfect immune-boosting remedy for both you and the baby. It is useful during illness, when encountering stress or hormonal/emotional issues and will last indefinitely.

Suggested dosage is 1-3 drops in water. When stored in a cool dry place, placenta essence should last indefinitely. Click here to inquire.

CABU can custom make a natural healing salve for personal use, with portions of your placenta. Although not often discussed, it is widely known that the placenta has many therapeutic qualities for the skin. Placenta is often the secret ingredient in opulent beauty creams and topical lotions that claim anti-aging and restorative benefits. Several expensive, anti-aging lotions and creams contain “sheep placenta extract” as their secret ingredient. Check the ingredients of your favorite shampoo or facial cleaner.  Do you see any “Hyaluronic Acid” or “Hyaluronate” and know that is placenta.

Benefits of Placenta Salve may include:

  • ● Reducing the appearance of c-section scarring
  • ● Reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  • ● Healing sore or cracked nipples from breastfeeding
  • ● Reducing skin inflammation from eczema
  • psoriasis and dermatitis
  • ● Reducing the appearance of aging skin
  • ● Reduce inflammation for babies with diaper rash or eczema

Childbirth Education Classes

Preparing for birth is extremely important for the expectant mother and her partner. Taught by a CABULA, CABU’s childbirth class helps the expectant mother with awareness, addresses her (and her partners) concerns, assists in mental and emotional preparation, educates the mother on ways to strengthen her body, and offers partner-centered coaching.

Additionally, CABU’s childbirth class prepares the expectant mother and her partner for the following:

  • ● Labor and delivery
  • ● Breastfeeding
  • ● Infant care
  • ● Parenting

Lactation Consulting

Lactation consulting is an additional service we provide for new mothers. Our breastfeeding specialists are trained and experienced in teaching and educating mothers on how to properly breastfeed their child. Moreover, we offer one-on-one, hands-on, in-home assistance. Our goal is to make sure the baby is being fed and gaining weight. Our services benefit the following ailments: latch-on difficulties, inadequate infant weight gain, sore and inverted nipples, severe engorgement, low milk supply and nipple confusion. Limited phone consultations are free. Other services require a fee. 

Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming is a detoxing “facial” for your lady parts. It cleanses, tones, and nourishes your cervix, uterus, and vaginal tissues, boosting circulation to the pelvis. The process takes places in the comforts of your home and lasts 30 minutes, using a mixture of herbs specifically made that are steeped in a gallon of water and placed underneath a custom steaming chair.

Vaginal steaming is helpful for the following:

  • ● Quicker childbirth recovery
  • ● Uterine fibroids
  • ● Scarring from C-sections
  • ● Relieves cramping
  • ● Increasing vaginal tightening